Buying or Selling a Property in Orange County, California?


Are you trying to find that perfect home but your real estate
agent keeps showing you junk?


Is your property taking forever to sell and while you are getting low ball offers, your agent asks you to lower your price again?

Don’t you wish the whole process could just be easy and FUN?



I’m Ellen Whomsley and I help people navigate the twists and turns of buying or selling a home in Orange County, California, and I keep it FUN.

I have found homes for buyers even after they had been with another agent and wanted to give up. I have sold homes faster than the seller ever thought was possible! Consequently, with me as your Realtor, you will never, never, never give up.

By the way, if you like Boogie Woogie, guess what? I am your Realtor.

Here’s how you can get started buying or selling that perfect home in Orange County. First you want to let me know if you are buying or selling. You can do that by clicking the appropriate button below.

What people are saying about Ellen:

Dear Ellen,  Thanks for all that you did to help me find my beautiful condo! You are so much fun!

Love and Hugs,

Ann Miller

We asked Ellen to be our agent as ours had not found us a home. Ellen found It!

The Garcias

Ellen helped me sell my home in under 2 weeks during a down economy, and this even though I was out of the state. Throughout the process, Ellen promptly returned my phone calls, answered questions, and kept me informed of everything, as it happened. She made arrangements for the pest control inspector to be at her home when he called so he could answer my questions.

Jong M.

We have used Ellen as our agent twice. She found what we wanted and we had FUN!

Kei Kar and Linda S.

Call Ellen she knows her stuff!

Jeff H

I would love to be your Realtor in Orange County

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Ellen Whomsley and I want to be your Realtor.

I’ve been helping the people of Orange County to buy and sell homes for over 30 years and I care about the well-being of my neighbors. I want to help take the work and worry out of the process.

Since I was a little girl, my mother called me “Sunshine” and that’s because I always like to make people happy. I love relieving the stress of buying or selling a home and just having a fun time with it.

“Ellen, working with you was fun! We couldn’t believe that selling our home of 30 years could be a good time, but it was! You made us laugh so hard. Thank you for all the attention to details, too!”


Orange County

Your new property in Irvine, Newport Beach or another Orange County town…

Whether  you are buying a new property or selling a property in Orange County, I’d love to be your Realtor. Let’s connect and make this fun!

Properties were Sold in Orange County in 2021

That includes houses, condos, townhouses and manufactured on land.

Real Estate in the News

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